When you are a visitor in Hualien (花蓮), a visit to the Taroko Gorge (太魯閣) is a must. It is considered as one of the wonders of Taiwan and it did not disappoint.

Hiring a taxi for the entire day for a flat fee is a pretty normal practice in the tourist parts of Taiwan. So we made arrangement with one of the companies and got ourselves a personal tour guide for our Taroko Gorge day!

Hualien is the more under-developed part of Taiwan, but it also retained the most charm.

We stopped at QingShui Cliff (清水斷崖) on the way to the Taroko Gorge; this cliff is considered one of the most scenic parts of Taiwan and is featured in the Taiwan passport.

The Toroko Gorge was an impressive sight. The canyon has many different color as well as intersting rock formations, composed mainly of marble. We were given hard hat and were asked to walk along on the sidewalk along the canyon for a better view as well as photo ops.

Started as gentle hills on both side of the rivers and quickly turned into a canyon

Visitors with hard hats walking allong the sidewalk going deeper into the gouge

Locals used to collect swallow nests in this tunnel, but the birds have since moved out.

Renee taking a moment to look out into the Taroko Gorge

The canyon offers different looks as we moved deeper into the gorge

As we moved deeper into the canyon, the sights kept evolving. The climax was definitely at a hanging bridge that we had to cross. It was slightly sketchy with so many people crossing and stopping on it, but the view was fantastic!

The view of the gorge from the hanging bridge

The Taroko Gorge was a major tourist attraction and it was for good reason. The crowd was never overwhelming while we were there and we were too busy looking at the amazing rock formations to notice. If you are in that part of Taiwan, I would recommend spending a day visiting the Taroko Gorge, it really reminded me that besides the amazing culture and friendly people, Taiwan also has beautiful natural scenary as well.

Serene temple (although filled with visitors) at the base of a waterfall

It is impossible to capture the full scale of the Taroko Gorge, go visit and see it in person!

The mountain behind us looked like a frog with a crown, so a Naruto pose was in order!

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