Exuma consists of 365 islands – one island for each day of the year. With so many islands, there are plenty of snorkeling to be done and sandbars to visit.

Ready for your Exuma adventure?

All of Exuma’s snorkel tours received great reviews on Tripadvisors. We ended up going with Starfish because their website seems the most informative and knowing that they provide different activities, we could book other tours without having to contact another company.

Mike, Patty, YT enjoying the ride. And when you see our captain...

Starfish is a family run business and Captain Neville and a first mate took us out that day. Our first stop was to visit a sea grass field that are usually crawling with Bahamas Sea Stars, we only saw a few on our trip and the first mate even brought two up onto the boat for us to check out. One interesting thing is that when we gently put them back into the water, they would float until they let the air out of their body. Captain Neville was keen on sticking around to make sure the starfishs start sinking before we motored away.

Either the star fish is ginormous or Patty is tiny; the truth may lie somewhere inbetween...

After checking out the giant Bahamas Starfish, we visited three snorkel spots. Before arriving at Exuma I emailed Captain Neville about the water temperature for late December (this snorkel trip took place 12/25, Christmas day). While wet suit was definitely not required, he did recommend bringing it if I had one just in case. So I brought my O’Neil Reactor 2mm wetsuit and I was pretty glad I did. While the water was unseasonably warm it was still a bit nippy. My friends [without wetsuit] were definitely feeling it after the first snorkel stop.

Patty checking out Exuma's reef and resisting the urge to touch things

One of the coral reef clusters with a healthy population of gogonians and SPS.

We did not see as many fish as I thought we would

What's the matter, you guys looking a little cold...?

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by what we saw during snorkeling. There were healthy patches of reef and some colorful small fish, but they were sparse compared to some of the other Caribbean islands I have been to. I know there are excellent snorkel and dive sites on Exuma, unfortunately we did not get to visit them on that day’s tour. Or I may have been spoiled by Grand Cayman and Turks & Caicos.

However, all was not lost. The unexpected highight of the tour is coming up!

YT posing up! We got to the sandbar during low tide and were treated to the perfect background for photos.

Keeping the Christmas theme, it was Christmas Day after all!

Patty and Mike strolling along the sandbar

Some of these photos may look too good to be true, but Exuma really looked like this, everywhere you look is white sand and turquoise water, it really is a gorgeous place with very friendly people.

While the snorkeling did not quite live up to expectation, it was still quite good by Caribbean standard. The Starfish crew was a blast to hang out with and the sandbar stop was amazing. My friends and I had a great time going on this snorkel tour with Starfish and would recommend it. Also be sure to check out all the other activities they provide!

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