Not all GoPro sticks were created equal.

While a lot of selfie sticks could double as a GoPro pole, many do not live up to the rigorous environment the GoPro was meant to be used under. Enter the Quik Pod Sport GoPro Pole.

A lot of people have asked me for GoPro extension pole recommendation, and if surviving in saltwater is a requirement, the list shortens significantly. If you just need a simple, light-weight extension pole for city travel or hiking, and do not expect to get it wet, then pretty much any of the super compact selfie stick will do. Simply buy a tripod head attachment for your GoPro and you are in business, with the added bonus of a selfie stick for your phone. But, if you plan to use your pole for snorkel, SCUBA, or snowboarding, read on!

* Note – currently no GoPro pole or selfie stick has the ability to remotely trigger a GoPro; you will have to use your cell phone’s GoPro app, purchase the GoPro remote, or just leave it filming / taking continuous snap shots as you finish setting up.

Out of all the extension poles out there, I ultimately decided on the GoPro Quick Pod because:

  • Saltwater proof – I went on multiple snorkeling & SCUBA trips with this setup and there has been no issue. Although the keyring attaching the lanyard to the handle is starting to rust a little.
  • Relatively Light Weight – It’s a light pole but not the lightest pole out there; although it is one of the lightest that is saltwater proof and built rugged to take a beating. It’s weight was not an issue when snowboard.
  • Clip-lock telescoping extension – This is huge for me, I cannot stand twist lock and this clip lock is a joy to use and the tension slides in and out very smoothly.

Snorkeling with the GoPro + Quick Pod Sport

At $60 on Amazon it is a little hard to swallow… but instead of having a GoPro pole rusting out in the ocean and potentially losing the camera, I decided it was worth the investment for me. I actually used one of those silver selfie-stick as my underwater GoPro pole before, it lasted two trips. Before my third trip I was checking the integrity of the pole and as I inverted the setup the entire last section slid out and hit the floor, the internal was all rusted out. If this had happened in a deeper part of an ocean, I would have lost my GoPro. From that experience, I started looking for a compact, light-weight pole that does not corrode in saltwater.

The Quick Pod Pro is built with very high quality, is it overpriced? Definitely. Maybe $30 would be a fairer price. Unfortunately this pole fits every criterial I am looking for in a GoPro pole and the manufacturer knows it, so I just mumbled and hand over my credit card.

I have created a much more in-depth video demo-ing the difference between a few of the more popular GoPro pole mounts below:

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